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I just put a new build of the COAN plugins on the ballforge site.
.zip contains:

 * Opticks.exe with patches needed for the Temporal plugins. This is
approximately 4.2.1 but is missing the RC2 updates
 * Fits.dll contains a FITS file (astronomical data) importer which can
load most raster (2d and 3d) data and some signature data (it attempts
to intelligently determine if it is likely a can uncheck
the signature dataset and check the raster dataset in the import options
dialog to override this)
 * *.fits are a few sample FITS files. You can find plenty more on the
 * DICOM.dll is a DICOM file (medical imagery) importer. I can load
quite a lot of imagery including 4d (it will convert the color frames to
grayscale). It will not load JPEG2000 compressed data.
 * US-* MR-* XS-* are sample DICOM files. You can find more on the web.
 * Temporal.dll are the advanced timeline and video plug-ins including
an in-progress background suppression plug-in.
 * camer1* is a sample video dataset which is a 24-hour time

This is not a real release, just a snapshot for OSCON but should work
well enough to demo. These are all release model WIN32 builds. The two
importers should work in any 4.2.* release. Some of the temporal
processing requires the Opticks.exe which contains a patch I emailed a
couple of weeks ago.

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Trevor R.H. Clarke
Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp
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