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Temporal processing update

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I've made some updates to the temporal processing plugins in the COAN
repository. The animation timeline has lots of new features (try middle
clicking near the green line and dragging around and try dragging
RasterElements from the session explorer onto the timeline).

There's a basic mpeg importer which requires a rebuild of ffmpeg (enable
some demuxers and decoders...specifically MPEG-TS/MPEG2). It has a lot
of problems (generally caused by the formats) but should work reasonably
well if you import in memory...you may get an occasional, recoverable
assertion if you try and load on-disk and the frame count could be

I've also added a basic background suppressing plug-in including a
plug-in Shell for background suppression algorithms. The one there uses
an approximated median filter to generate the background model. It takes
an absolute difference between the model and the frame and puts it into
a threshold layer. This requires the attached patch to the core in order
to display an animated threshold layer. There's no blurring of the frame
data and no morphological noise removal on the generated foregrounds but
the core of the algorithm is there.

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