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Opticks build directory layout

I'm thinking about the cmake build system conversion as we move ahead
with 5.x work. Much of the complexity in kstreith's initial work is
there to ensure compatibility with the existing build system and layout.
Since there are so many other changes going into the 5.x dev effort,
what do folks think about scrapping the existing Build/Binaries-*-*
layout and using something that requires less adjustment to cmake? This
would likely mean a standard bin,lib,plugins type of layout with release
and debug differentiated as PlugIn.dll/PlugIn.so and
PlugInd.dll/PlugInd.so (same for executables). This is also more
compatible with the layouts we tend to use for 3rd party deps so it
would be easier to integrate the SDK as an ivy dependency. This would
mean that other extension devs would need to adjust their build
environments to conform to the new layout. However, since kip already
wrote a Python script to rebuild a cmake directory layout in to the
Opticks layout, we could distribute that as a tool extension devs could
run to convert the directory layout on their systems until they

Thoughts? If people like the idea (but perhaps need some more details) I
can move ahead with a prototype.

Trevor R.H. Clarke
Software Engineer, Ball Aerospace

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