OPTICKS-197 - CachedPager considered harmful

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OPTICKS-197 - CachedPager considered harmful

Kip Streithorst



Todd discovered a defect in the CachedPager implementation which was fixed as OPTICKS-197 (https://issues.ballforge.net/jira/browse/OPTICKS-197).  This bug is particularly nasty in that it will either cause a crash for DataAccessor using data returned from a CachedPager or the DataAccessor will iterate off the end of the data returned from the CachedPager.  Since CachedPager is part of PlugInUtilities, this means that any plug-in that is compiled against CachedPager since May 2007 will have this same problem.  I strongly recommend that you re-compile any plug-ins using CachedPager against 4.2.1rc2 or later.




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