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OPTICKS-1380 design discussion

Miller, Stuart B

Hi all.

I have put together a page discussing a direction for OPTICKS-1380 design on the Opticks wiki. It can be found here:


I’d like to invite the opticks-devs list to discuss these changes as it will end up affecting plugin developers when 5.0 rolls out. OPTICKS-1380 is the issue relating primarily to the replacement of the underlying rendering engine. We plan to change from standard OpenGL drawing to the OpenSceneGraph rendering library, which involves a fairly significant overhaul of the underlying structures used to draw inside of Opticks Views. One big point of discussion on the wiki page is the implementation of a new service, called GraphicServices, to give plug-in developers more access to the underlying OSG data structures. This will allow for greater flexibility in implementing real-time visualizations for plug-in developers compared to the 4.X line of Opticks.


Please feel free to comment either on the wiki page or on the mailing lists with any thoughts, questions, or concerns as to how this may impact your own development.

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