New Release: Opticks 4.2.1rc2 - second release candidate for 4.2.1

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New Release: Opticks 4.2.1rc2 - second release candidate for 4.2.1

Kip Streithorst
Opticks version 4.2.1rc2 has been released.


            Win32 Link:

            Win64 Link:

            Solaris 10 Link:

            Opticks Windows Software Development Kit (used to create
plug-ins for Opticks):

            Opticks Solaris Software Development Kit (used to create
plug-ins for Opticks):

            Opticks Windows Debugging (used to debug into Opticks on
Windows, only needed for plug-in developers):

User Highlights:

- This release is the second release candidate for 4.2.1.  This release
is marked as "not for production".  Provided no problems are found with
this release candidate by July 25th, 4.2.1 will be released on Tuesday,
July 29th.  If you find any major issues please report them to our bug
and issue tracker: .  Please
download and validate this release to help ensure 4.2.1 is a great
- You can view the entire list of bugs fixes and new features in this
release by viewing them in JIRA, our bug and issue tracker using the
following URL:

- There were two crashes when adding default animation speeds in the
"Tools\Options...".  Both of these crashes have been fixed.
- You can now select either end of a region in the Histogram Plot to
edit even if the end of the region is not visible in the plot.  This was
not properly fixed in 4.2.1rc1. (OPTICKS-43)
Plug-In Developer Highlights:

- There is a major problem with all versions of CachedPager dating back
to May 2007.  It is strongly recommended that you re-compile any
plug-ins that use CachedPager using this release which fixes the

- A major problem with the calculation of block sizes when using the
CachedPager has been fixed.  This affects all plug-ins using any version
of the CachedPager since May 2007.  The problem will manifest itself
either as a crash when iterating over the data using a DataAccessor or
bad data will be returned from the DataAccessor.  Please re-compile any
plug-ins using the version of CachedPager provided with this release.
- The RasterLayer::readFilterBuffer() will now function properly when
reading a region that is contained entirely within a tile texture.
- Opticks 4.2.1rc1 removed Aspam.h from the SDK.  The Aspam.h has been
put back in the SDK in the same location. (OPTICKS-200)

Opticks Team

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