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Landsat 5/7 Support

Kip Streithorst
I've uploaded a Python script in an AEB, [1] to make it easier to
install that adds support for loading Landsat 5/7 data in GeoTiff
format.  Specifically, any of the free Landsat 5/7 data you can get from
the USGS Glovis, [2] should load into Opticks with this script.  

In addition to support loading of this data, there are three additional
 - Convert the VNIR/SWIR data into calibrated radiance.
 - Convert the VNIR/SWIR data into at sensor solar corrected
 - Convert the TIR data into temperature (Kelvin)

The equations used for the above are from the official Landsat Handbook

This functionality will eventually be moved into the Spectral Processing
Extension as C++ plug-ins.  You should watch EXTRAS-193 [4] and
EXTRAS-190 [5] in our bug tracking system for progress updates.

I am very interested in feedback, so that I might include it as I move
this functionality to the Spectral Processing Extension.


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