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COAN advanced temporal processing

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I mentioned a while ago that the COAN site was available for people to
develop plug-ins which are not related to a specific extension suite.
I've been working on some advanced temporal processing plug-ins which
are hosted in COAN. The initial (v0.1 alpha) release of the timeline
plug-in is available. I've build binaries for opticks 4.2.0 and placed
them here

You can access the source code and contribute if you'd like. The COAN
repository is here

This uses the git revision control system which is a distributed rcs. If
you just want to grab the source and play with it, you can browse using
a web browser or checkout the source code. The two interesting git
commands are:

git clone git://       this is equivalent to
svn checkout
git pull                                          this is equivalent to
svn update

If you want to contribute, let me know. If you want to host your own
plug-ins in COAN, let me know. There's a nice git intro document meant
for subversion users.
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